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Content Creation

After developing a strategy by way of Target Market, Consumer Needs and Operations Profitability, we are ready to jump into the content scripting. Some organizations already have a concept in mind to work with, some don’t have anything started, and still others have a solid framework to build upon. Whichever case you are, we pull you into our process to quickly and efficiently provide you with the website you need to run your business.

With a website, there is an order of operations used to make sure you are fully equipped to compete in a fast-paced market. Overall Offering, Strategy, Brand or Service Name, Domain Name, and Acquisition, Look and Feel including Color Scheme and Logo, Website Template, Development, and Text Production are just a couple ways in which we direct the content through production in a clear and unified process.


Argil offers hosting options for your convenience and ease of use, with a variety of options to fit your needs. We also provide transferring sites from host to host. In this way, we are and end-to-end solutions provider for all your website needs.


Once your website has been published, the job is not done. Websites still need to be promoted and marketed. In order to track progress of your promoting service, some companies opt to have analytics worked into the backend of the website, which also vary in technicalities and can be customized to your needs or budget. Other than backend tracking, some of the techniques used to increase your traffic include SEO, SMO and Pay-Per-Click. Choosing the best strategies for your company can take a little creativity – each company is unique – which is where our expertise comes in handy!


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