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Illustrated videos are designed with moving graphics. This can include characters in an expository narrative about your product or service benefits, and expectations. Objects and background graphics can help complement a training or explain an involved process, and prove quite helpful in connecting your audience to the information you are relaying and increase recollection.

Graphics can be presented in various styles: Cartoon hipster, mod/fashion, anime, comic book or even painting style (such as impressionism, cubism, abstract and various native cultural styles). This should start to give you some ideas as to your project needs. Some popular ways of bringing materials together to video production include whiteboard and photo delux. Photo delux is similar to PowerPoint presentation style. In all these types of Illustrated Video options, you can have a mashup of styles and combine selections which is useful in establishing a unique identity to your audience.

Live Action

Live action is a professionally produced segment of videography. The clips we edit can be arranged as a customized end-to-end service including video shoot and video footage selected from stock videography. If you already have the footage, our editors can simply prepare it to your project needs.

Some companies request this service for internal training or onboarding, company or product introduction to investors or consumers, educational purposes, regulatory compliance, campaigns and advertising, or entertainment industry projects. Whatever the needs you have in video production, we encourage you to Contact usfor a Free Demo!


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