Why we create

We find purpose in going back to the basics. For example, our company name represents a basic material needed for developing many art forms: Argil, a type of clay. This basic substance can be built into any number of creative inventions. All that is needed is a little imagination. We create because it brings people together.

            Creating websites, videos, graphics and strategies for their success is largely a way for us to connect to others and our community. There is a more meaningful experience that takes place when we help others find an identity in the world. In a large way, we help define a company or a brand’s feelings and story. Stories are what make up the human world, it is how we resonate with our deeper purpose. We create, if not for our own enjoyment and satisfaction, we create to inspire our audience.

Our Values

We are committed to:

  • Fully engaging our clients to fulfill their needs.
  • To share meaningful messages which bring people together.
  • To continually evolve in the fast-paced market, to provide cutting-edge and superior products.

Our Team

In this role, Alicia is responsible for developing Argil’s global marketing and service offerings, integrated marketing and public relations in a proactive and personalized approach. Not only in keeping up with Market Standards but strategically connecting companies to their future goals, Alicia is passionate about offering turnkey solutions while also partnering with companies to arrange customized media solutions fully tailored to meet needs. Alicia manages multiple teams and frequently uses them in a cross-functional approach which provides for the most efficient productivity.

Alicia joined Argil’s parent company, Datamatics, in 2014 and started as a Business Developer the Director of Marketing Services. It was soon evident that the teams and resources from previous company, Media Perks, was alive and capable of expansion. After some strategic meetings and continued project management, Alicia helped guide the company to its current service capabilities.

Before joining Argil, Alicia started her career in Psychology, fascinated by how the brain learns and adapts. This basic groundwork has been invaluable in understanding community and social needs and successful campaigns. Alicia worked within a wide assortment of industries, including hospitals, higher education, public school systems, food industry, consumer and corporate finances, insurance, accounting, construction retailer, clothing retailer, communications retailer, various religious businesses, automotive, online travel, government and information technology project management, among others in China, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. This broad understanding of market structure and inner corporate layers is a priceless commodity for any company looking for progressive methods for their marketing needs. Alicia has a BA degree in Psychology and an MBA in Global Management.


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