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Every Campaign needs a uniquely blended mixture of ingredients, but the groundwork tends to be more straight-forward. We suggest reviewing old logos, assessing the type font and making sure the commination result in a balanced look. Also, take into consideration the Market Standard and Trending interests of your Target Market.


Along with your logo, your theme and general shapes used should stay consistent throughout all branded material. Your Market Audience pays attention to this consistency and it plays a role in branding your Campaign as a stable and reliable choice. There are subtle differences, then, which can be played out to signify a change that cues your Market Audience to pay attention.

Graphics also include charts and diagrams to express an idea in a visual and memorable presentation. This is important when you want to clearly emphasize the growth you offer or the difference between you and your competitors. Still others include graphic representations of your product or service, adding visual representations of people to personify your service and make it more relatable.


Graphics of any kind can quickly be turned around into a video representation. When you are able to present a video to your audience, you are able to capture their full attention and a deeper connection to the message you are expressing. Video presentations include customer reviews, company purpose and values building, company training, 5 second Pay-Per-Click advertising, 15-60 second television or captive advertising (such as gas stations, in store, airline seating, movie theaters), and service or product benefits. Types of videos include live action or animation, and can be translated to multiple languages for minimal cost. Please see our Portfoliofor examples.

Email Campaigns

There is certainly a psychology involved with Email Campaigns. Each Campaign should be planned carefully to avoid two extremes: being invisible and overlooked by your audience OR being an annoyance and creating a negative reaction, therefore losing consumer or investor sentiment. Some ways to avoid this is by methodically creating your email list and narrowing the focus, which can be done through simple programming. Say, for instance, a customer clicked on an email link for a shirt in the men’s department or this same user bought online in the men’s department in the last 6 months. It would be in this customer’s interest, therefore, to receive a campaign directed at men’s clothing sales. To narrow user interests and consider your customer’s needs increases your overall sales, increases loyalty and creates valuable information about your Target Market and its needs.


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