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Target Market

Accessing the right group of people with the right material is an essential step for a successful brand, campaign, new product or service. While seemingly obvious, some people ignore this step altogether by way of set assumptions. By allowing our experts to explore this topic with you, you may be surprised to discover simple time and money saving strategies

Some needs in assessing your Target Market will be in both broadening AND narrowing the anticipated user. Inside a local company, the localized and national culture sets a preliminary set of broad uses for the offering, which then can be further expanded. Similarly, when narrowing down a Target Market, a company like Argil will be able to find similar needs in pockets of groups across cultures or even global locations. Our experts creatively combine their experience with their knowledge of current market developments to present a strategic market outline to begin your branding process. In moving forward, this could then look like a change and maturing of your offering, OR a change in needs of the market as your offering settles into the natural progression of business cycles.

Consumer Need

People, in general, have a tangled set of commitments which are usually layered within departments at work, upper management, subordinates, along with all their additional personal commitments and family. To fully predict the needs of any one consumer or business is nearly impossible, yet fortunately, there is a certain predictability to overarching behavior and trends which is quickly adaptable to assessing current market gaps and future needs. This process takes some collaboration and demands a certain amount of creativity and awareness.

Linking your offering with current gaps and needs of the market is pertinent to the success of your brand. Some factors to consider when determining consumer need are: Target Market, Globalization of World Economy and Changes on Specific Market Trends, Competing Brands and Services of Competition, Target Market’s Values and Sense of Market Demands, Consumer Quality Expectations and Potential for Innovative Value-Adds. Our lives are all woven in with each other’s, and the moment we find the connection is the moment we find insights into uncovering the intricacies of business and personal needs alike.


As a strategic company, we must learn to ask the difficult questions and find long-term solutions for our customers. It is imperative to work with an organization who partners with you in designing your offering with its Operation Flow, Efficiencies of Cycle and general sense of Market Interest. Having a Market Strategy for your Website builds a brand name and creates a working concept for the general population to pensively develop and interact with.

Some questions you may want to contemplate to start the discussion of your offering’s profitability:

  • What generates Market Share?
  • Why is one company more successful than others?
  • How do customers make choices among competing Brands?
  • What is the effect of a competitive Price Cut?

For each unique offering, these questions naturally lead in a different direction. We welcome you to take the first step in finding the tactical advantages that are exclusive to your brand.

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